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Title: You're Young Until You're Not (5/7)
Fandom: Glee
Characters: Blaine, Kurt, Rachel
Rating: PG 15+ (occasional language)
Word count: 726
Warnings: Character death
Disclaimer: I do not own any of this. Except a few OCs.
Summary: In which Blaine loses somebody close to him and must face the grim reality of death.

Previous chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Part Five

Sleep came easy to Blaine Anderson that night. He slept. He dreamt. He dreamt a most vivid dream.

‘Blainers?’ It was Cooper’s voice. Blaine looked around. He was in a park. He didn’t know how he had gotten there. It was a bright day. The park. He knew this park. Why did he know this park? ‘B!’ Cooper’s voice called out.

‘Cooper!’ Blaine responded. The park was suddenly dark. But it was no longer a park. Blaine was in his bedroom in the New York apartment. And Cooper was sat on his bed. Blaine was stood at the door. Hungry Like the Wolf playing. He did not know where from.

‘Like this, B,’ Cooper said, demonstrating a simple dance move. Blaine walked over to his brother and touched his face.

‘You’re real.’

‘Of course I am,’ Cooper said, looking confused. ‘Always have been. I hope.’

‘But you’re dead.’

‘I know.’

Blaine did not know what to do. He sat down on his bed, and Cooper sat next to him. ‘I’m sorry Coop.’

Cooper flung his arm over Blaine’s shoulder. He was cheerful. Happy.

‘It’s not your fault, dude,’ Cooper promised. ‘Accidents happen.’

‘I miss you.’

‘You’ll forget me,’ he said. Blaine scrunched his face up. He felt like crying, but no tears came. He looked sadly at the face of his dead brother, looked into his eyes.

‘I can’t forget you,’ He said with certainty. ‘I’ll never forget you,’

Cooper laughed.

‘Blaine, you’re seventeen. You have your whole life ahead of you,’ Cooper stated. ‘You’ll meet so many new people, make much more interesting memories than I ever was.’

‘You were my brother. You
are my brother,’ Blaine found himself shouting. ‘How can I just block you from my memories? Forget about you?’

‘I’ll always sleep in your mind,’ replied the older Anderson. ‘But you’re young. You’ll find so much more to think about, to remember, than me.’

Blaine opened his mouth to answer, but Cooper placed his index finger against his lips, silencing him.

‘Trust me, brother,’ He said. ‘I’m older. And deader.’

Blaine laughed. And then clapped his hand over his mouth, ashamed.

‘I am so sorry, Coop,’ he said, slowly lowering his hands from his mouth.

‘Totally understandable, Squirt,’ Cooper smiled sadly, looking out the window. ‘Now, are you going to smile for me?’

Blaine did as he was told. He forced a smile, his eyes betraying him. The sadness, the heartbreak evident in them.

‘This isn’t really happening, is it?’ Blaine asked, ‘This is a dream.’


‘It’s the least symbolic dream ever,’ He observed, looking around the nearly dark room. They were no longer in New York. They were sat on the bed in Blaine’s room in Ohio. ‘It’s so linear too. Dreams don’t work like that.’

‘You’ve just been missing the symbolism,’ Cooper laughed. ‘And you’re thinking too much. Just shut up and hug me.’

Blaine did what he was told. He didn’t know what etiquette was required when conversing with the dead, but he felt it was best to just do what they said. He hugged Cooper tightly, and Cooper hugged back.

‘You were an alright brother,’ Blaine said with a laugh. Cooper rolled his eyes.

‘You weren’t too bad yourself,’ he retorted, ‘annoying, but bearable.’

‘That means so much to me,’ the younger Anderson brother shot back. ‘We’ll meet again one day, yeah?’

Cooper didn’t answer. He looked back out the window. The sun was rising. The birds were singing. Normality was resuming. ‘See ya, Blaine.’

‘Don’t!’ Blaine cried, making a grab for his older brother. ‘Don’t!’

He opened his eyes and sat up with a jolt. It had been a dream. A vivid dream. His eyes filled with tears. The clock next to his bed read four o’clock. He lowered his head back down onto the pillow, yet he could not sleep. His mind was heavy, thoughts flying through his head. The dream began to slip away, as all dreams do. Soon, Blaine was left clinging to the tiniest of memories. His final hug with Cooper. He hadn’t said goodbye. He had wanted to say goodbye. But it was all over too soon.

‘Goodbye…’ he whispered.

Blaine did not get back to sleep. He could not. He sat up and tried to remember the dream, but it was no use, it slipped away as all dreams do.


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