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Wow. Long time no post. I can't believe the last time I posted was just after the death of Elisabeth Sladen, which I'm still not over. I received my tribute edition of Doctor Who Magazine yesterday, and have been crying over the memories. The happy and the sad. Such a tragedy...

Anyway, the last seven months have been pretty uneventful, I just haven't had anything to post. But I do now. I rewatched The Trial of a Time Lord from start to finish last weekend. It was better than I remember. The wonderful model shot opening the episode, the performances of everybody involved, the always elegant Pussy Galore/Cathy Gale/Honor Blackman (delete as applicable), BRIAN BLESSED, warrior queen Joan Sims, Lynda Bellingham and Michael Jayson wearing silly hats... and Bonnie Langford. I don't get the Mel hate. I found her very likable in the two serials she was involved in... And the Vervoid/Human hybrid actually did creep me out. Just saying. Anyway, many, many icons. 220, to be exact.

[1-44] The Mysterious Planet
[45-92] Mindwarp
[93-160] Terror of the Vervoids
[161-220] The Ultimate Foe

preview preview preview

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A few days before Elisabeth Sladen's tragic, untimely death, I made icons for both The Time Warrior and Death of the Doctor. I've been deciding what to do with them. Post, or not. So I will post them, in memory of Elisabeth Sladen, and the character she brought to life so perfectly. Goodbye Lis.



[52] Doctor Who icons (The Time Warrior)
[80] The Sarah Jane Adventures icons (Death of the Doctor)

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And again, rest in peace, Elisabeth Sladen.
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I'm still in shock. Elisabeth Sladen... gone? How can this be? She was so young. A few days before her death I was watching Death of the Doctor and Tweeted that she should be awarded every award under the sun, and then be made a Dame. I feel so sad that that will never happen now. Lis is irreplaceable. I never met her. I wish I did. She seemed like such a lovely woman. Now, Sarah isn't my companion (and Tom isn't my Doctor - Peri and Six have those spots), but I understand the major contribution Lis made to the role of the companion. She was THE companion. She shaped the role for all those who followed, and for that I think we all, as Doctor Who fans, should be grateful.

I remember first watching Doctor Who when I was about four or five. My uncle had the videos. Tom and Lis were his Doctor and companion and he made me watch it. I didn't understand what was happening, and I didn't really pay attention. Fast forward to School Reunion. Sarah Jane struck me. I knew her. Where had I seen her before? YES! All those years ago. I still had some memory of Lis and Sarah. I don't know why, but I did. And then came Invasion of the Bane. I adored it. Elisabeth was fantastic in it. And then I googled her and couldn't believe how old she was. She looked so young. So beautiful. And now, for her fans, she will remain that beautiful forever.

I sat down yesterday by myself and cried. I don't cry over 'celebrity' deaths. But Lis, for some reason was different. And then I read the Newsround story and some of the comments left by children, who were holding together better than I was. She meant so much to so many people. She affected so many lives, she was loved by so many. To be working right up until the end makes me admire her even more. She'd even signed on to do six Big Finish audios with Tom. She was so committed.

My thoughts are still so, so jumbled. It's still so raw. I really shouldn't be feeling so sad about someone I have never met, but I cannot help it. Elisabeth, both on screen and in commentaries struck me as such a warm, open, intelligent human being, and that is what I will miss most.

As Russell T. Davies said yesterday, the universe was lucky to have Sarah Jane Smith; the world was lucky to have Lis. And he was right.
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I'm in shock. Complete and utter shock.

How can one post be so hard to write? She was too young. Too young at all to die.

Elisabeth Sladen, may you rest in peace. You were just perfect.
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Just a small tribute to Nicholas Courtney, who played Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart in Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures. A fantastic, charming, talented actor who will be sadly missed.
So I've made a few icons.

[1-17] Doctor Who: The Three Doctors
[18-38] Doctor Who: Inferno
[39-54] Doctor Who: Mawdryn Undead
[55-64] Doctor Who: Battlefield
[65-76] The Sarah Jane Adventures: Enemy of the Bane

preview preview preview

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For those interested, the subject quote is from Dimensions in Time. And again, Rest in Peace, Nicholas Courtney.
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What can be said? What really can be said?

RIP Nicholas Courtney. Fantastic, fantastic actor, fantastic man. Charming and just all round awesome.

Doctor Who wouldn't have been the same without the Brig, and the Brig wouldn't have been anything without Nick.

Yeah, very small, very jumbled, but from-the-heart-city.
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Ah, the summer holidays have come. No work, no education, just quality time at home doing nothing. Except I hate doing nothing.

My NaNo entry was finished the day before the competition closed, and I reached 60,000 words, not bad if I do say so. It turned into Life on Mars, Lost in Austen or anything else of that sort. Ethel was there too. He turned out to be the key the characters needed to escape Caroline Bingley.

I've just gone through all my Doctor Who caps for The Christmas Invasion, The Runaway Bride, Voyage of the Damned, The Next Doctor and The End of Time. Can anybody guess why? They're all Christmas specials, I hear you say, well, that's correct. Last year I didn't do any icons whatsoever for Christmas, and I felt left out, so that's what I'm going to spend a lot of time doing.

Also, I'm thinking about starting a blog. My ramblings about anything in the Whoniverse. I'd say reviews, but I'm terrible at writing them, so I'll stick with 'ramblings'. The point? To bring some much needed love to Colin, Sylv, Bonnie and Sophie, who are often overlooked in favour of David, Billie, Tom and Lis. Yeah, I do need to get out more.

But anyway, just thought I'd update anybody interested...


Nov. 12th, 2010 11:31 pm
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So, I've been doing a LOT of screencapping over the last two weeks or so. Every episode of Press Gang, quite a few Doctor Who, Pride & Prejudice, Torchwood, ect. And guess what? I've made a whole lot of icons. Not very good, I'm afraid, but they're here.
Also, my NaNo entries going really well. When I started, it was a simple novel about teenagers and their relationships that was partially inspired by the masterpeice that is Press Gang. Now it's full of danger, undercover investigations that are almost camper than John Inman and a lot of romatic relationships, inspired by Press Gang. Ethel's still there though. And he's still as confused as ever.

Anyway, on to the icons!

[64] The Sarah Jane Adventures icons (Death of the Doctor)
[48] Press Gang icons (Shouldn't I Be Taller?)
[48] Pride & Prejudice [1995] icons
[36] Doctor Who [2005] icons (Silence in the Library)
[36] Doctor Who [1963] icons (Time and the Rani)
[32] Torchwood icons (Children of Earth)
[24] Sherlock icons (A Study in Pink)

1 2 3 4
preview preview preview preview

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A picture meme...

Go to Search Tumblr or Google Images
Type in your answer to the question
Choose a picture from the first page
Save/copy it

Make a collage using or

1. What’s your favourite city?
2. What’s your favourite food?
3. What’s your favourite book?
4. What’s your favourite animal?
5. Who’s your favourite TV character?
6. What’s your favourite dessert?
7. What’s your favourite film?
8. What’s your favourite drink?
9. Who’s your favourite music artist?
10. What’s your favourite show right now?
11. What’s your favourite colour?
12. What’s your favourite cartoon from your childhood?

Nano 2010

Nov. 6th, 2010 05:31 pm
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So, I've had to rewrite a bit of my Nano entry. Why? It began resembling Children of Earth a bit too much. Damn you RTD, stealing my ideas before I've had them :P.

In all honesty, I probably shouldn't have been listening to it in the background whilst writing, so it's my own fault. My outcome would have been different, though. Ethel would have been behind everything.

Back to the drawing board word processor, I suppose.
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So, I've reached the minimum needed word count to get this thing done in 30 days. I'm gonna keep writing now. I've added another two characters. Sean now has a twin called Will, who is a Doctor Who tragic. Gwen and Thomas are also big fans of Doctor Who. Chelle is Gwen's best friend, and an aspiring actress, wanting to follow in the footsteps of her mother, although she doesn't know that her mother is a drug-addicted alcoholic similar to Karen in Will & Grace.

And I found my Ethel! Ethel's a male guinea-pig, but with this pic, you can see why he's gender confused...

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The month of November is upon us. Do you all know what that means? It doesn't involve facial hair, I can tell you that month. In November, I, along with many others, take part in National Novel Writing Month. A few hours in and I'm going well. I can't tell you the plot, because I'm writing blind, but I can say that one of my characters has a pet called Ethel. Ethel the Gender Confused Guinea-Pig. And my opening scene reminds me of the times Lynda and Spike went undercover in Press Gang. My MFC is a journalist called Gwenyth, has a boyfriend called Sean and a brother called Thomas. Yeah, that's all I got.

So, yesterday I made a graphic to celebrate my second year doing NaNo, and here it is...

Yeah, so I might keep you updated with my process, if I remember.

Also, I've got a new harddrive and have begun to screencap again. Icons coming soon.
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My hard drive died just over a week ago. It wiped all my screencaps, videos and PSDs. It also wiped at least two hundred unposted icons ranging from Sense & Sensibility to Series Fnarg of Doctor Who. That's what depressed me most, as my last batch was my all time favourite. Oh, it also wiped the first four chapters of my Sarah Jane/Press Gang fic.

And what did I learn from this? ALWAYS back up your hard drive.
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It's been ages since I've done a Writer's Block, and this one's an oldie, but one that sounded fun...

Well, people would conclude that I like to make people think I'm smarter than I am, as my bookshelf contains the work of Anne, Charlotte and Emily Bronte (Wildfell Hall, Agnes Grey, Wuthering Heights, Vilette and Jane Eyre), Jane Austen (Pride & Prejudice, Emma, Mansfield Park), Oscar Wilde (Dorian Gray and his short stories) and many more.

They would also conclude that I like fantasy novels, as I have the complete Harry Potter and Chronicles of Narnia. They would wrongly assume that I am a fan of the Twilight series, as I have all four books. I can assure you that I was given them as gifts and use them as a door stopper. Honest.
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If you've been tagged, you must write your answers in your own LJ and replace any question that you dislike with a new question.

Tag eleven people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.

I was tagged by [ profile] purpleworld8 

I'm tagging: [ profile] fransta_oddbean [ profile] lost_spook [ profile] neighboursguru [ profile] tahlia_xx [ profile] werepuppyblack  [ profile] youtalkitype  

(I couldn't get to eleven. A lot of my flist was tagged by [ profile] purpleworld8 - feel free to ignore, if you wish)

~ What's your favourite season?
I love winter. There's just something about it that I love. Maybe it's the coldness, maybe because it's the season my birthday's in. I don't know, really, I've always just really loved winter.

~ What's the latest movie you watched?
I actually haven't been to the movies much lately, too much work to do. I have, however been watching many DVDs. The last movie I watched was Sense and Sensibility with Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet.

~ What is the one skill you wish you had?
I'd like to be a better cook, I guess.

~ What's your current fandom/obsession/addiction?
Would it be too obvious to state Doctor Who? I'm also currently obsessed with Jane Austen adaptions, and songs by Regina Spektor.

~ What's your favorite musical instrument?
The piano.

~ What web sites do you always visit when you're online?
Back to the Bay, Twitter, Livejournal, Gallifrey Base

~ What was the last thing you bought?
Cranford and Return to Cranford on DVD. I love Judi Dench, and the series was awesome.

~ If you won 10.000 buck today, what would you do with it?
I have absolutely no idea.

~ Favourite time of day?
Mid afternoon to early evening, when I can just relax.

~ What's the last thing that made you cry?
Believe it or not, an episode of The Vicar of Dibley. The one with the Make Poverty History message.

~ Do you want to learn another language?
Yep. I learnt Italian at school, and want to continue some day. I'd also love to speak German. It sounds like such a fun language.

~ Five things you can't live without?
Friends, family, books, the BBC, movies
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Stolen from [ profile] werepuppyblack 

List all of the television shows you have on DVD, no matter how obscure or embarrassing. Even if you only own one season, list it! Let's see who has what!

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So I promised a Sarah Jane Adventures/Press Gang crossover months ago. I am working on it. I promise, but I hadn't written for a while when I first started, and now I'm finally getting back into it. And the plot's changed slightly. I was watching There Are Crocodiles for the hundredth time and an idea just jumped at me, so I've worked it in. Liz Shaw's still there, so is U.N.I.T and a Torchwood branch, but the focus has shifted.

And as an apology for the lack of fic, I present to you a gif of evil!Saffy from the deleted scenes of AbFab...

And one of Colin and Lynda...
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[32] Press Gang: Money, Love and Birdseed
[40] Doctor Who (1996 Movie)
[88] The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
[16] The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

preview preview preview preview

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I write like
Douglas Adams

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Yeah, I'm nowhere near as brilliant as Douglas Adams. But it gave me a good laugh.
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So, my Press Gang/SJA fic is coming on well. Almost finished the first chapter. I might post a preview soon. Anyway, onto icons. I was taking a break from writing and other stuff and made a few icons.

[60] Classic Doctor Who - Terminus
[52] Press Gang - Page One
[44] New Who - Time Crash
[40] The Sarah Jane Adventures - Secrets of the Stars
[40] Absolutely Fabulous - Menopause
[20] Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows trailer

So I lied. It's more that a few...

preview preview preview

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