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It has been a long time, hasn't it? I have excuses galore. Mainly university, and writing. In that time, vale Mary Tamm, my favourite Romana, and brave heart to Janet Fielding. Cancer, leave Who alumni alone!

Anyway, here are some icons. It's been ages since I've done those too. I didn't intend them to be so David Collings-y, not that I'm complaining...

[001-046] Sapphire & Steel icons (Assignment Six)
[047-078] Press Gang icons (Head and Heart)
[079-102] Doctor Who icons (The Girl Who Waited)


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Normal rules apply…
- Hotlinkers will be trapped in a café floating through nowhere.
- Comments aren’t necessary, but appreciated.
- Textless icons are NOT bases.
- Please credit me.
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So, here is the next batch of icons I made late last year. Hope you enjoy.

[116] Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 icons
[64] Press Gang icons
[51] The Wizard of Oz icons

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So, there’s part two of this large batch. The last of these should be posted soon. So, anyway. If you’ve liked any of these icons, feel free to take, but remember to follow these simple rules…

- Hotlinkers will have an ashtray thrown at them.
- Comments aren’t necessary, but appreciated.
- Textless icons are NOT bases.
- Please credit me.


Nov. 12th, 2010 11:31 pm
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So, I've been doing a LOT of screencapping over the last two weeks or so. Every episode of Press Gang, quite a few Doctor Who, Pride & Prejudice, Torchwood, ect. And guess what? I've made a whole lot of icons. Not very good, I'm afraid, but they're here.
Also, my NaNo entries going really well. When I started, it was a simple novel about teenagers and their relationships that was partially inspired by the masterpeice that is Press Gang. Now it's full of danger, undercover investigations that are almost camper than John Inman and a lot of romatic relationships, inspired by Press Gang. Ethel's still there though. And he's still as confused as ever.

Anyway, on to the icons!

[64] The Sarah Jane Adventures icons (Death of the Doctor)
[48] Press Gang icons (Shouldn't I Be Taller?)
[48] Pride & Prejudice [1995] icons
[36] Doctor Who [2005] icons (Silence in the Library)
[36] Doctor Who [1963] icons (Time and the Rani)
[32] Torchwood icons (Children of Earth)
[24] Sherlock icons (A Study in Pink)

1 2 3 4
preview preview preview preview

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The month of November is upon us. Do you all know what that means? It doesn't involve facial hair, I can tell you that month. In November, I, along with many others, take part in National Novel Writing Month. A few hours in and I'm going well. I can't tell you the plot, because I'm writing blind, but I can say that one of my characters has a pet called Ethel. Ethel the Gender Confused Guinea-Pig. And my opening scene reminds me of the times Lynda and Spike went undercover in Press Gang. My MFC is a journalist called Gwenyth, has a boyfriend called Sean and a brother called Thomas. Yeah, that's all I got.

So, yesterday I made a graphic to celebrate my second year doing NaNo, and here it is...

Yeah, so I might keep you updated with my process, if I remember.

Also, I've got a new harddrive and have begun to screencap again. Icons coming soon.
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Stolen from [ profile] werepuppyblack 

List all of the television shows you have on DVD, no matter how obscure or embarrassing. Even if you only own one season, list it! Let's see who has what!

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So I promised a Sarah Jane Adventures/Press Gang crossover months ago. I am working on it. I promise, but I hadn't written for a while when I first started, and now I'm finally getting back into it. And the plot's changed slightly. I was watching There Are Crocodiles for the hundredth time and an idea just jumped at me, so I've worked it in. Liz Shaw's still there, so is U.N.I.T and a Torchwood branch, but the focus has shifted.

And as an apology for the lack of fic, I present to you a gif of evil!Saffy from the deleted scenes of AbFab...

And one of Colin and Lynda...
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[32] Press Gang: Money, Love and Birdseed
[40] Doctor Who (1996 Movie)
[88] The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
[16] The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

preview preview preview preview

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So, my Press Gang/SJA fic is coming on well. Almost finished the first chapter. I might post a preview soon. Anyway, onto icons. I was taking a break from writing and other stuff and made a few icons.

[60] Classic Doctor Who - Terminus
[52] Press Gang - Page One
[44] New Who - Time Crash
[40] The Sarah Jane Adventures - Secrets of the Stars
[40] Absolutely Fabulous - Menopause
[20] Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows trailer

So I lied. It's more that a few...

preview preview preview

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Many years ago, when I was younger, I wrote fanfiction. Really badly. Thankfully I've improved, and started again. At the moment I'm working on a Sarah Jane Adventures/Press Gang crossover. It's alright, in my opinion, and before posting I want to get a few chapter up.

Just thought I'd let my f-list know, in case anybody was interested.
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Day 24 - Best quote


It was really hard choosing a quote for this, because there are many really good ones, I though of Press Gang first though, because the dialouge is always fantastic and witty, and then I thought of the episode 'The Rest of My Life', because it was perhaps my favourite episode ever. There were a few quotes that really stood out for me, but the one (which is more of a scene, really :P) that I eventually chose was...

Lynda: Make it good. Give it some zap.
Sam: Some zap?! Am I getting this right? You want me to liven up an explosion?!
Lynda: I want you to give me the best work you’ve done Sam, and make it stick. This is our big chance to show what we can do!
Sam: Well that’s a new angle!
Lynda: What?
Sam: Gas leak, bomb or career opportunity. Lynda, there are people in that building!
Lynda: I know!
Sam: Do you? We’re talking about the dead and dying here, Lynda, and I’m supposed to put in ‘some zap’! How about I just do the obituary column in colour?

This really established the characters of Lynda and Sam. Lynda, the editor who will let nothing, not even tragedy, stand in her way of being the best she can, and Sam, whom one might see as a brainless bimbo, was a compassionate person who stood up for what she believed was morally right.

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Day 22 - Favorite series finale


There Are Crocodiles was very ambitious for children's television. It was very ambitious for 'adult' television as well. It was very funny, very thought provoking, and showed that deep down, most of Lynda's problems stem from David Jefford's suicide at the end of series one. It gave a wonderful insight into the mind of Lynda Day, and it was well written.

Day 23 - Most annoying character


I found Adric hard to like. He was really annoying at times, and he was an insufferable child who believed he knew more than what he actually did. But that's just my opinion. That being said, his death in Earthshock is one of the saddest moments in classic Who ever.

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Day 19 - Best TV show cast


Press Gang had such a great cast. They had great chemistry, and gave resonably good performances, and you could tell they generally enjoyed working together. My favourite cast was in series two, with Julia Sawalha, Dexter Fletcher, Lee Ross, Kelda Holmes, Paul Reynolds and Gabrielle Anwar, featuring Angela Bruce, Nick Stringer and Clive Wood. Just because they were just awesome. I could have done without Kelda, but she was better in this series that any of the others.

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I did it! One whole week without forgetting to post!

Day 07 - Least favorite episode of your favorite TV show


One of the worst Press Gang episodes ever, not that there are many. The Moff wrote a great story, but it focused too little on Spike and Lynda and far too much on Sarah and an unlikeable guest star whose name I have chosen to forget. It also doesn't help that Kelda Holmes and the other guy weren't the strongest of actors, so they couldn't carry the storyline off that well. If it had more Lynda, Spike and Julie it would probably be more enjoyable.

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Guess what! I found the missing Press Gang icons! All 60 of them! Featuring Sam and Kenny, Mr. Winters and Mr. Sullivan! And yes, I am aware that I am abusing the exclamation point, but it's quite fun!


the icons )
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Day 04 - Your favorite show ever


Best. Children's Drama. Ever. The Moff, Julia Sawalha, Dexter Fletcher. Paul Reynolds and Gabby Anwar. Do I need to say any more? Here's a link, in case you wish to know more...

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So... another update...

Total Icon Count: 100

Lynda Day (Julia Sawalha)
Spike Thomson (Dexter Fletcher)
Spike and Lynda
Kenny Phillips (Lee Ross)
Julie Craig (Lucy Benjamin)
Sarah Jackson (Kelda Holmes)
Frazz Davies (Mmoloki Chrystie)
Sam Black (Gabrielle Anwar)
Tiddler (Joanna Dukes)
Colin Mathews (Paul Reynolds)


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I promised an icon post, and here it is! This is part one. Part two will contain icons of Home & Away, Grace & Favour, Harry Potter, Press Gang, and possibly Doctor Who: The End of Time.

[4] Bette Davis icons
[20] Billie Piper icons
[32] Britannia High icons
[36] The Chronicles of Narnia Cast (Anna Popplewell, Ben Barnes and William Moseley) icons
[88] The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe icons
[40] The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian icons
[20] Dorian Gray icons
[08] Quote (Doctor Who, The Catherine Tate Show, Press Gang) icons

preview preview preview preview

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I would invite Steven Moffat, Julia Sawalha, Dexter Fletcher, Lee Ross, Paul Reynolds, Lucy Benjamin and Gabrielle Anwar. There would be no discussion. I would spend the entire time telling them that they needed to do a Press Gang reunion. I'd probably keep them there until they agreed. Although I would avoid the subject of romantic relationships...

Anyway, food... I'd probably serve the following:
- Peking Style Duck.
- Pizza, ordered from Pizza Hut.
- For desert Atomic Bomb Cakes.
(A little treat to my friends who are PG fans...)

Anyway, I'd also invite Skandar Keynes, Ben Barnes and William Moseley for the totally shallow reason that I believe they are incredibly attractive, and I'd want somebody to drool over whilst convincing the cast (and writer) of Press Gang to reunite for an episode or movie.
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Snagged from [ profile] werepuppyblack

Choose 10 characters and answer the questions that follow. No peeking until your list is done!

1. Caspian X (The Chronicles of Narnia)
2. Susan Pevensie (The Chronicles of Narnia)
3. Lynda Day (Press Gang)
4. Cameron Bale (Summerand)
5. Maxxie Oliver (Skins)
6. Nikki Westerley (Summerland)
7. Sybil Vane (The Picture of Dorian Gray)
8. Elizabeth Bennet (Pride & Prejudice)
9. Lucas Holden (Home and Away)
10. Hermione Grainger (Harry Potter)

My (very unintelligent) answers... )


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